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Open: Mon – Sat 8 – 6:00, Sun 9 - 5

Fort Worth, Tx Oil Change.

Oil & Lube Services
All oil changes are serviced by certified technicians and come with a multi-point inspection, fluid top offs, 5 quarts of oil, a standard oil canister and a FREE carwash.
Free Car Wash
All oil changes come with a FREE carwash that is valid up to 7 days from the purchase of your oil change.

Searching for "Oil Change Near Me" in Fort Worth?

Then look no further than the Oil Change Experts at Cityview Car Wash & Oil Change.

Oil Change Packages - Fort Worth Location

All oil changes come with a FREE full service carwash that is valid up to 7 days from the purchase of your oil change.




Full-Synthetic (Mobil)


Diesel Oil Change


Royal Purple Oil Change


Additional quarts are extra. Some vehicles have non-standard oil filters, which are not included in the cost of the oil change.
FREE Car Washes 

Conventional & Semi-Synthetic come with a free BEST exterior wash.  Full Synthetic and Diesel Oil changes come with a FREE Bronze Full Service car wash valid for 7 days from date of purchase. You can also apply the coupon to any wash service we offer and just pay the difference.

Frequently Asked Oil Change Questions

What other auto repair services are available in Fort Worth, Texas?

Auto service centers in Fort Worth offer a wide array of auto repair services like:

- Heating & AC repairs
- Electrical wiring and diagnosis
- Transmission and brake repair services
- Window tinting and replacement of auto glass
- Collision repairs
- Fuel injection cleaning
- Diagnosis and repair of ABS, check engine and airbag lights
- Replace your vehicle’s coolant

Even our own shop offers more than just oil changes. We also offer:

- Windshield chip repair
- Fuel system cleaning
- Coolant and engine flush
- Rear differential change
- Fuel injection system

For more detail on these services, see below.

When to Get Your Synthetic Oil Changed in Fort Worth

Synthetic motor oil has a service life of about five years or 150,000 miles. It can vary from driver to driver and vehicle to vehicle though. As an example: A new 2012 Chevrolet Cruze that goes 15,000 miles per year and uses 10W-20 oil will likely need an oil change at around 4,000 miles with that type of oil. It all depends on how the car is driven, its condition, the type of oil used.

Where can I get the best oil change in Fort Worth?

There are literally hundreds of oil change service shops in Fort Worth alone. If you’re like most people however, you want:

1. A place within 10-15 minutes drive of your home or work
2. A place with a great reputation of treating customers well
3. A place that you TRUST will have your best interest at heart when reviewing and inspecting your car during the oil change.

That’s EXACTLY how you're treated at Cityview Car Wash & Oil Change.

How much does an oil change cost in Fort Worth, Tx?

An oil change in Fort Worth will cost (on average) approximately $44. Most oil change service centers (like Cityview Car Wash & Oil Change) will change your oil, and as a bonus they'll top off all of your fluids, check your tire pressure, and clean your windshield wiper blades. Call ahead to schedule an appointment, and if you 're looking for more than just an oil change, you can schedule everything from a windshield chip repair to air flushing the fuel injection system or rear differential. In and out the door in about 30 minutes! We’ll make your experience great, quick, and pleasant.
Manufacturer Vehicle Recommended Maintenance
As you reach certain mileage milestones on your vehicle the manufacturer recommends certain maintenance to be done. Dealerships can charge you 50% or more for these exact same services and are typically very slow. Let us help you save some money.
Fuel System Cleaning
Over time your vehicle has probably lost a step or two. That’s because gunk builds up in the fuel lines. A cleaner safely removes that gunk.
Coolant Flush
As your AC runs, your vehicle pulls air from around it to cool the coils that make it cold in your car. Over time dust builds up in your coolant and makes it harder to cool the car. A flush removes the dirty coolant and adds clean coolant.
Engine Flush
Over time micro particles build up on the inside of your engine, choking its ability to smoothly run. If not treated, your vehicle will strain all the hoses and mechanics to perform, and can eventually break down. The engine flush removes all those particles.
Rear Differential
Lubricating fluid inside the rear differential transfers heat away from the gears, helping to preserve the life and performance of your differential. Over time the fluid breaks down or becomes contaminated and performance or longevity may be impacted.
Fuel Injection System
Every time you press the gas pedal, you control how much fuel and air the engine takes in. Over time, deposits can form in critical areas of the fuel system, which may result in reduced performance and other drivability issues.
Free full service carwash
All oil changes come with a FREE full service carwash that is valid up to 7 days from the purchase of your oil change.
For your next oil change and FREE car wash, visit our Fort Worth location at:
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